Self Storage Units

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What if my items get damaged while in storage?

A-1 Self Storage will do our best to prevent anything from happening to your belongings, but we do not accept any liability for the goods you store.

How do I pay after hours?

Each of our locations has a convenient drop box for payments made after hours. 

When will I get a late fee?

Payments must be posted to your account by close of business on the 5th day past due. On the 6th day past due a $10 late fill will be assessed to account. A second late of $10 will be assessed to your account on the 16th day past due.

If I am on auto draft payments, can I still get a late fee?

Yes, if a credit card is declined, we will make an effort to notify you within the 5 days grace period. But again, if payment in full is not posted by close of business on the 5th day past due, you will receive a late fee. A second late of $10 will be assessed to your account on the 16th day past due.

If I make a partial payment will I still get a late fee?

Yes, payment must be paid in full to prevent receiving a late fee.

What can I store?

We ask that you use our storage for dry storage only. This means items that generally have a long shelf life. We ask that you do not store any type of food items that would attract rodents. Such as dog food, cereals, etc. We will not prohibit such items but just remember they do attract certain rodents.

How do I vacate my unit?

Once you are ready to vacate, you must clean out your unit completely. Sweep out your unit and take your lock with you. As long as your lock is on the unit, you are liable for the rental fee. Once this is completed, just call your manager and let them know you've vacated.

When can I vacate?

As long as you vacate prior to your due date there will be no additional rental fees. Once your due date hits, you are required to pay for that month's rent.

Do you pro-rate rent?

Pro-rated rent occurs at move in; only.

Do you give refunds?

We will only give refunds on full pre-paid month's rent. Unfortunately, due to our already low rates, we are unable to refund any rent paid in concurrence with move in specials.

Why do I need a disc lock?

We pride ourselves on taking every measure to ensure the most secure environment to store your belongings. Requiring disc locks helps towards this effort.

Do I get to keep the lock upon move out?

Absolutely, the lock is yours to keep.

Can I get into the property later than posted gate hours?

After hours access is not an option.  The is purely for security reasons.

What form of payment is accepted?

We proudly accept all major credit cards, personal checks, money orders and cashier checks. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to sign a long term contract?

All of our leases are month to month. No long term commitment required